Kristina & Justas - Bari, ITALY 

Ilja not only was our wedding photographer but also a person who totally understood our mood and vibe during the whole preparation and the ceremony. It was very crucial for us that everyone including our guests could feet natural and could enjoy the moment and not feel like there was a camera in your face. Best photographer to choose to capture your big day. Thank you again! <3

Diana & Piotr - Amalfi, ITALY 

Ilja is a photographer of exceptional talent. His iimpeccable attention to detail, inspiring ideas for the photoshoot, easy going and charming personality makes him a standout photographer. Simply, he is an A star professional. Without any doubt we would hire him again. Actually we did this for our 3 post wedding photoshoots. This is how much we fell in love with his work!

O l g a   &   S e a n   -  K e r r y , I R E L A N D

Myself and Sean got married in co.Kerry, Ireland on the 13th of April 2019. Ilja Sivakov joined us for our special day. We’ve heard about Ilja and his work from years back through our friends and when we’ve seen his stunning work we instantly fell in love with it! We didn’t want our photos to look staged and over-posed, we wanted them to look as natural as possible and we knew he was exactly what we are looking for. On the day of our wedding, the weather was truly challenging but Ilja managed to turn stormy and rainy weather conditions to his advantage and used the dramatic scenery of mountains, wind and clouds to create unforgettable wedding photographs. Our beautiful memories were captured in a creative fun atmosphere by Ilja’s and his team! Both my husband and I were delighted with final results and have received many compliments on our photo album. We can not recommend Ilja and his team highly enough, he works hard and produces the most magical, frozen in time photographs and we received our wedding album within a month! His work speaks for itself, he is a true master of his work, very reasonable in price and just a pleasure to deal with. Mr. & Mrs. O’Connor

Marija & Pogos - Erevan, ARMENIA

It was the most wonderful decision to select this photographer for our wedding photoshoot. He visited Armenia for the first time but delivered it through the photos like he always lived here. So easy and funny to work with. When we saw the photos, we were amazed by the results. The shots were so breathtaking that they were worth to be hanged on the wall as the masterpiece. After receiving all the photos, we were more than excited that we selected and travelled with this talented photographer. He has extremely professional way of work yet very easy going in terms of communicating with us. The best experience ever! Thank you so much for the dedication to your work.

Greta & Sarunas - Ravello, ITALY 

Rinkdamiesi fotografą vestuvėms Italijoje labai ilgai svarstėme, kadangi fotografų pasiūla yra didelė. Praėjus vestuvėms siūlome rinktis Ilja, jeigu jums svarbu ne tik profesionalumas, bet ir nerealiai lengvas ir šiltas bendravimas šventės dieną!

Gerda & Helmut - Kaunas, LIETUVA

Vestuvių akimirkoms įamžinti labai norėjome surasti fotografą, kuris pateisintų mūsų lūkesčius bei sukurtų tokias nuotraukas kurias galėtume žiūrėti ir grožėtis visą gyvenimą. Dziaugiamės galėdami nuoširdžiai padėkoti bei skirti didžiausią rekomendaciją Ilja Sivakov už rūpestingai, profesionaliai, draugiškai bei linksmai atliktą darbą, kurio metu iki menkiausių smulkmenėlių buvo pasistengta, kad finalinis rezultatas būtų toks, koks jis yra dabar - TOBULAS. Ilja yra labai paslaugus, šiltas žmogus, kuriuo tikrai galite pasitikėti bei patikėti įamžinti svarbiausias Jums gyvenimo akimirkas. Dar kartą ačiū ir linkime didžiausios sėkmės tolimesniuose darbuose. ?❤️

Asta & Gediminas - 

Mallorca, SPAIN 

The best of the best. I can’t find so much words to tell you how awesome Ilja have been. He made increadible job. Our wedding photos are stunning and tell the story of our day so perfectly. Couldn’t have asked for better. He has so much expierence and great vision for getting wonderfull shots. Ilja is talented, fun, charismatic person with good communication skills. Don’t book your wedding until you have booked Ilja! I highly recommend him to those who want beautiful pictures.

Neringa & Aurimas - Klaipeda, LITHUANIA

VPraėjus šventei lieka tik atsiminimai ir juos atgaivinančios nuotraukos. Ilja nuotraukos - tobulos, madingos, perteikiančios jausmą, lengvumą, nuotaiką, jos tikrai vertos žurnalo :) o Ilją kaip žmogų visada atsiminime pačiomis geriausiomis emocijomis, charizmatiškas, palaikantis, sukuriantis nuotaikingą ir lengvą atmosferą. Tikiuosi dar susitiksime ir turėsime laimę įamžinti su jumis dar nuostabių gyvenimo momentų <3 Ačiū

Asta & Artur - 

Dublin, IRELAND 

Me and my husband chose Ilya to be out wedding photographer without any second thoughts. Simply because he is very talented and makes you feel very comfortable in front of a camera.
I came across this exceptional professional many times before the big day came and I just knew that Ilya is going to look after us.
When he delivered his work it took our breath away and it still does 5 years after ,every time I turn the pages of the photo album I dive back in time and get very emotional.
He goes an extra mile and even offered us a post wedding photoshoot just to make sure that he delivers great results.
Thankful forever!